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Published: 15th November 2009
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One company is offering a once in a life time opportunity for many people to purchase Oak trees from them that have been inoculated with truffle fungus that does not cost the earth. You only pay the purchase price of the Oak tree that has been inoculated with the truffle fungus and pay a small management fee to us for the care and maintenance of your Truffle producing Oak tree which you own for the life of the project and you will get the pool equivilant of what ever your tree produces.

Unlike many other investments this comany is not offering shares they are only offering you Oak trees for sale that they will grow for you on their land and they will give you the profits. you only pay a few dollards every year per tree that you own and you get the money from all the truffles that they sell.

What Are they?

Truffles are a fungus and grow under the ground as a result of a symbiotic relationship with the roots of particular trees (for example oaks and hazelnuts) infected with the appropriate mycorrhiza (literally, fungus root). While they were originally were confined to the wild, the past century has seen considerable research, particularly in France, into developing the capability of cultivating them as a domestic crop. The truffles form in late summer and slowly mature during autumn and are ready to harvest in winter. They can be found breaking the surface of the ground or down to 200 millimetres deep and are best located by a trained dog, from the aroma they emit when ripening. The truffle then has to be assessed by a trained human nose to determine whether it is truly "ripe" or should be left in the ground for another few days or a week before being harvested.
A Black Truffle inoculated oak is normally expected to begin producing Black Truffles after six to nine years but some as early as four years.

The Black Truffle is famous for its use in French cuisine. Its unique aroma adds a delicate flavour to veal, stuffed capons and turkeys, fillets of beef, omelettes, shellfish and fine sauces.

The long wait (at aroundsix years) to grow Black Truffles is a natural barrier to entry for many potential Black Truffle growers. Formany would be farmers this length of time to wait for returns, given the level of upfront establishment costs and the intense management required for success, will be sufficient deterrent. In reality this limits overall production and maintains pressure on supply and therefore keeps prices higher. The total world production is limited. The demand for Black Truffles is high. Furthermore, since Black Truffles produced in Australia mature during the European summer (their peak tourist season) when no European Black Truffles are produced, a great export market opportunity exists for Australian Black Truffle growers.For many centuries, black truffles have been growing wild in certain parts of Europe, particularly in France and Italy. The rarity and scarcity of these 'black diamonds' makes them very expensive. Retailing at around $3000 per kilogram, they continue to be one of the world's most expensive edible commodities. The black truffle, tuber melansosporum, is the truffle you'll find growing throughout France and in parts of Italy.

How can truffles be cultivated?
Like all mycorrhizal species the truffle grows in conjunction with the roots of certain plants. The black truffle grows most successfully with the roots of oak and hazel trees. Our new technique allows infected trees to be planted and truffles harvested. The truffle grows underground and the 'truffle farm' looks like a tree plantation.

Have other people grown these?
Yes. However, due to the current (and out-dated) technology only a small percentage of truffle farms are really successful. Some truffle plantations have failed due to poor technology and poor attention to detail. The technique we have developed is a more thorough and reliable scientific method.

How much does it cost to purchase one of these trees?
You can purchase one tree for $131 and that includes one years management fee so your plant is looked after after that there is only a small fee around $24 per year to pay.

Can I purchase more than 1 tree at a time?
Yes you can purchase as many as you like.

This current project is located in Australia can only Australians purchase these trees?
No anyone can purchase trees from us for any of our truffle projects we are currently looking at doing some other projects in France the UK and USA we have many exciting truffle projects on the drawing board. We are currently taking orders with paypal so just about anyone can purchase these trees from us. We will not send you the tree, we will select the best Oak trees and get them inoculated with truffle fungus then we plan these in special soil conditions that the fungus love and we look after you tree for 5 to 6 year then they will start to make truffles and they will start to you people money.

Why is World Truffle Growers Systems technique so much better?

Their technique should eliminate the 'lucky dip' effect. Before plantation we ensure a 100% inoculation rate without contamination. This technique is supported by constant biological monitoring and should lead to a truffle harvest in a shorter time frame, in greater numbers and with increased reliability. Reasonable plantations are reported to produce 20-90Kg/Ha per annum. However, yields for the summer truffle can be far higher and some plantations of either species have been reported to produce very large yields indeed. Although there is variation in the performance of individual trees, our unique partnership structure means we care as much about maximizing your yield as you do, and that you can be assured we will proactively and determinedly pursue the highest yields possible with you.

Many people I have spoken to say their methods are the best and produce the best amount of truffles per Kg and that I would be a fool not to at least purchase a few oak trees. After a few years just a few trees could pay for all my holidays or many I could retire.

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